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Risk-taking dishes are front and center, in this “high-steaks town”

It’s a “high-steaks” showdown in the heartland of Alberta. Once considered a meat and potatoes town, the chefs tonight are flying in the face of convention and offering dishes with decidedly different influences. One chef boldly creates a vegetarian dish and another is offering a rarely seen and daring dessert course to separate him self from the group. Which gamble pays off in the showiest City in the country?


Competing Chefs
Clayton Corkran                  Calgary Stampede
Shaun Desaulniers              Belgo Brasserie
Cam Dobranski                     Muse
Chris Grafton                         Murrieta’s Bar & Grill
Alain Chabot                         IL Sogno
Jan Hrabec                            Crazyweed
Andrew Keen                        Parkerhouse Grill and Wine Bar
Duncan Ly                              Raw Bar @ Hotel Arts
Hayato Okamitsu                Catch

Theo Yeaman                       Chef’s Table



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