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Equipment melt-downs cause hurdles in this heated competition

There’s a new cutting edge-group of chefs in Montreal, and they’re bringing their game to the Gold Medal Plates competition. But not all goes as planned. One competitor has dire equipment failure and must figure out a way to finish cooking before the doors open. Another reprises a popular dish from last year, but with a twist, but risks disapproval from the judges. And even the event organizer has some hurdles to overcome when all her assistants go mysteriously missing. But in the end, the dishes are amazing, and a surprise competitor claims the medal.


Competing Chefs
Daren Bergeron                     Decca77
David Biron                             Duel
Denise Cornellier                  Denise Cornellier-Traiteur
Derek Dammann                   DNA
Laurent Godbout                  Chez l’Épicier
Deff Haupt                               Renoir (Sofitel Hotel)
Gilles Herzog                          Derriere Les Fagots
Mario Navarrete Jr.            Raza
Thierry Rouyé                       La Porte
Jean-Phillip Saint-Denis    Kitchen Galerie

Matthieu Cloutier                 Kitchen Galerie



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