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It’s David Vs. Goliath as the well-established chefs try to overpower the young talent.

Ottawa’s annual competition has acquired some characteristics all its own. In one way it’s a classic David versus Goliath event as established competitors with deep pockets are challenged by young chefs eager to show off their skills.   But only in Ottawa do chefs go to extreme lengths to capture attention by designing their competition tables with videos, sculptures, and custom bars.    This year, will this extra effort gain those chefs the edge to land a gold, or will the proof be solely on the plate?



Competing Chefs

Yannick Anton                       Signatures
Ben Baird                                   The Urban Pear
Derek Benitz                             Benitz Bistro
Michael Blackie                      Perspectives Restaurant
Matthew Carmichael            E18hteen Restaurant
Patrick Garland                       Absinthe Cafe
Stev George                             Olivea
Arup Jana                                 Allium
Charles Part                             Les Fougeres
Steve Wall                                 The Whalesbone Oyster House 


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