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Ottawa - Michael Moffatt

“Chef Michael Moffatt sets out to save his hometown’s reputation – but can he save his menu?”


Canada's capital city of Ottawa has all the potential to be a great culinary destination:  a host of farms within a half-hour's drive; a strong dining culture across the river in Quebec; and a young, monied clientele looking to experience new tastes. Only in the last five years, however, have a group of young chefs taken up the charge to reach that potential.  Leading the charge is Chef Michael Moffatt of Beckta.  Together with owner Stephen Beckta, Moffatt is on crusade to overhaul his hometown's reputation for nothing more than steakhouse fare and pub grub.

Five years after opening, Beckta is firmly established among the city's great restaurants, inspiring others to reach the bar it has raised.  Now, it's time to celebrate with a dinner for 20 of their most loyal customers, and a few of their favourite suppliers.

Exploring the picturesque landscape surrounding Canada’s capital city, we join Chef Moffatt as he sets out to gather ingredients for this one-time-only affair. Working through the menu’s courses, Chef Moffatt travels to Mariposa Farms, where Ian Walker raises pigs, ducks and a bit of everything else in the machine-free Mennonite style. Mike hits tasting Nirvana with Pure Gelato owner Randy Tommy.  We head to the Gatineau region of Quebec to visit legend-in-the-making Christophe Marineau purveyor of all sorts of mushrooms, and link up with oyster-shucker Josh Bishop of Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster and Fish Supply – over in the rougher part of town.

Chef Moffatt begins his travels with the menu "pretty much set," but he soon finds his mind changed by the innovative offerings of his suppliers.  Caught between competing desires to prepare properly and do justice to their products, will Mike be able to pull off a feast that will impress both the customers he loves and the suppliers he treasures?

Ottawa - Michael Moffatt

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