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Montreal - Chef Nancy Hinton

“Chef Nancy Hinton starts the season with a bang – with her spring menu.”


Canada’s only predominantly French speaking province is famous for it’s joie de vivre, hidden treasures and bursting conviviality. Just outside of metropolitan Montreal, one of rural Quebec’s best-kept secrets is the woodland retreat À la Table des Jardins Sauvages. The weekly menus are based on seasonally available wild ingredients collected by owner and master forager François Brouillard, who passes them on to his partner in life and business, Chef Nancy Hinton. She transforms shoots of daylilies, hearts of cattails and caramelized tree sap into small masterpieces. In the world of elite cuisine, a chef is only as good as their last menu, and Chef Hinton set her bar high. In this episode, we follow her on her challenge to prepare the Table des Jardins Sauvages annual, always over-subscribed Spring Fiddlehead Menu. Traveling to a local duck supplier for foie gras, a local cheese-master and an artisanal breeder of milk-fed suckling pigs, we meet the suppliers that are integral to Nancy’s success. Hoping that the land offers nothing but the best, we follow Nancy into the kitchen as she creates a spring feast celebrating the revitalization of the countryside.

Montreal - Chef Nancy Hinton

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