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Halifax - Chef Ray Bear

“With his new restaurant nowhere near ready, Chef Ray Bear must improvise to feed his V.I.P. clients.”

Halifax, Nova Scotia is the largest city in Atlantic Canada, surrounded by ocean and some of Canada’s most magnificent countryside. The local microclimates move the growing season deep into autumn. Nova Scotian culinary superstar Chef Ray Bear recently took the plunge of pursuing his dream of establishing a self-sustaining farm/vineyard/winery. He is also opening his own signature restaurant, Bear, in downtown Halifax. But both personal and professional snags have left Chef Bear with a high-profile guest list for the opening… but no restaurant. To keep his VIP customers happy, Chef Bear must relocate the event to the farm, which he’s only just moved into. But with a lack of proper banquet facilities and a modest home kitchen, can Chef Bear pull off an impressive party?

Juggling a myriad of roadblocks, Chef Bear must source the ingredients for an exceptional menu. We follow him to on a lobster-fishing expedition, watch him taste oysters straight out of the Northumberland Strait, visit a livestock farm that raises every kind of animal from quail to antelope, and watch him choose Nova Scotia wines. Wedged between a rock and a hard place, Chef Bear must find a way to maintain the important relationships with his clientele while pushing plans forward for his downtown restaurant and his larger rural property. 

Halifax - Chef Ray Bear

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