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St. Johns

St. Johns - Tak Ishiwata

“A young Chef and restauranteur rediscovers the wonders of wild Newfoundland.”

Within a few hours drive of St. Johns, Newfoundland, icebergs, whales and wildlife are commonplace – not that Chef Tak Ishiwata has had much time to go looking for them.  For the past three years, hes been far too busy running one of the citys most innovative restaurants, Basho.  With little formal training, but a passion for food, Chef Ishiwata’s take on Japanese fusion has been receiving rave reviews since its inception.

Now, in celebration of Basho's third anniversary, Tak knows he must conceptualize a crowd-drawing dinner that leaves customers salivating for more.

In this episode, we Chef Ishiwata on a quest that revives his wonder for the locale where he was born and raised. Tak takes us on a Newfoundland adventure. We visit organic farmer Oz Rabinowitz for salad greens from his manure-free farm.  We join the local distillery on an iceberg harvest for the key ingredient in Newfoundlands famous “Iceberg Vodka" – the basis for Bashos renowned martini bar.  And when a tuna fishing expedition with Kingfisher captain Joe OBrien turns into a whale-watching adventure, we see Tak scramble to his local old-time fishmonger to complete the menu.  

All the while, we get an inside look at the energy and antics of Basho's young staff and the good-natured abuse they heap on their 33-year-old boss, Tak.

St. Johns - Tak Ishiwata

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