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Bullmastiffs - Christy Shepler

A financially strapped breeder attempts a costly and controversial technique that will either make her a hero or bring her down to zero.

Who is Bugs? He's a 2010 Westminster champion, the number two Bullmastiff in all of America, and the sire to numerous other AKC champions. Achieving that kind of status takes not only time and dedication, but a lot of money. And that's not easy for Bugs’ owner, Christy Shelper, a single mother of four children who lost her job during the recession. Life is a daily struggle to make ends meet, but Christy will never, ever, stop trying to improve and showcase her prized Bullmastiffs. At a cost of $5000, Christy is conducting her most important Bullmastiff breeding to date – a controversial inbreeding of Bugs to his daughter. If this works, Christy will be a hero and financially stable. If it doesn't, Christy may face both spiritual and financial bankruptcy.

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