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Poodles - Heather and Greg Pendragon

“Poodle Pandemonium”

Breeders, Heather and Greg Pendragon, are passionate about their plethora of poodles. But their love affair with this canine began with just one - Greg’s poodle, named Uther Pendragon. When Greg and Heather married, it was bow-tie sporting Uther who walked Heather down the aisle and gave her away with a bark.  And with that – their breeding careers began.

People often think the Pendragons are quirky. After all, Heather knits sweaters from poodle hair, and they take their dogs on ice cream runs into town. They are even considered unconventional by the prestigious Poodle Club of Canada.

Their happy brood has now expanded to close to 16 pooches, but an impending litter will bring even more pups under their one roof! Each birth is a precarious proposition, but the Pendragons manage to beat the odds by using a human baby incubator.

Adding to their everyday pressure is the upcoming poodle family reunion the Pendragons are planning – where all the decedents of Uther will converge on their farm all at once – over 50 in all. It’s a recipe for poodle pandemonium, but Greg and Heather bask in the bedlam.

Poodles - Heather and Greg Pendragon

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