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Nova Scotia Duck Tollers

Nova Scotia Duck Tollers - Sue Kish

“Bred to Hunt”

Dressed in camouflage, toting a rifle, surrounded by her champion Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, Sue Kish is not your typical breeder. She has a mission…one she believes most dog breeders have forsaken. She believes dogs are born to hunt, “I breed in order to maintain a dog’s natural instincts.” Along with her sister Dianne, and their two French Canadian “crack shot” boyfriends, Sue owns Foxgrove Kennels, an international renowned breeding and training facility located on a picturesque country estate. Her facility is so highly regarded people board their dogs for training for as long as nine months, or place themselves on a year long waiting list for puppies.

For Sue to maintain her reputation as a top breeder and trainer, she needs her own Duck Tollers to set the high standard.  And that’s done at the Canadian Kennel Club’s licensed Hunt Test – where a variety of breeds are put to the test for their water and land retrieving skills. Her best performer, Raison, only needs one more win to earn the “Grand Master Hunter” title, so Sue’s working her extra hard to prepare for the competition.  Training for this test may strike the average person as not typical. This top breeder keeps her fridge packed full of dead ducks. Every morning, Sue and her boyfriend, Pierre wake up at the crack of dawn and load the bird carcasses into ‘zingerwinger’ machines that catapult the birds into the air for her Tollers to retrieve. 

Sue is hoping that all her efforts will pay off with a prestigious title… and just in time for the sunset pig roast celebration that marks the end of the competition.  It’s a unique slice of life of one idiosyncratic breeder.

Nova Scotia Duck Tollers - Sue Kish

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