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Chihuahua - Lucinda Glenny

“The Small Dog on Canine Campus”


Lucinda Glenny has over 25 years of experience breeding and training dogs.  Previously a breeder of poodles, Lucinda currently has only one left: Kudos, a seven-time National Champ, and her last remaining poodle. Unfortunately Kudos now has a terminal disease. With her most successful breeding programme coming to an end, she is working hard to start up a new one with a new breed – Chihuahuas. It’s the passing of the torch: from one breeding dynasty to a new one.

Lucinda is putting all her hopes on Sonic, a feisty little male Chihuahua.  Lucinda takes her young stud to meet adorable prospective mates, but in order to attract the highest quality bitches, Lucinda realizes that she needs Sonic to stand out in the pack. So she’s daringly entered him in Working Title a competition – which up until now has been the exclusive the domain of much larger dogs like Retrievers, Shepherds, and Collies.  Little Sonic has been practising the obstacle course, but is struggling to make the jump. In the end, all that matters is that he makes the jump on competition day. A tall order for such a little dog.


Chihuahua - Lucinda Glenny

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