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Breeder of the Pack

What profession requires show business acumen, a knack for genetic manipulation, the honed instincts of a seasoned corporate raider and hairdressing skills? Welcome to the world of dog breeders.
BREEDER OF THE PACK, a 13 x 30 documentary series follows the stories of interesting and opinionated people who populate the dog world, and the passionate lengths they go to propagate and defend their desirable pooches.
Offbeat and endearing, each episode of this stylish series focuses on one breeder and their canine of choice. From “leasing a bitch”, to posing for paparazzi, we follow these devoted dog lovers on their quest to conquer the show competition, protect critically sick pups, or go toe to toe with a life-long foe.

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Episode Guide
Basset Hounds
Episode 1: Basset Hounds
Breeder Debra Hull

Debra Hull breeds her Basset Hounds to be top competitors in the show ring, and she doesn’t approve of second place. Hull’s hounds need to earn their keep, whether it’s winning a show title or landing a Hollywood role in the movies…these dogs even help with the laundry

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Episode 2: Chihuahua
Lucinda Glenny

Lucinda Glenny has over 25 years of experience breeding and training dogs.  Previously a breeder of poodles, Lucinda currently has only one left: Kudos, a seven-time National Champ, and her last remaining poodle. Unfortunately Kudos now has a terminal disease. With her most successful breeding programme coming to an end, she is working hard to start up a new one with a new breed – Chihuahuas. It’s the passing of the torch: from one breeding dynasty to a new one.

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Dogue de Bordeaux
Episode 3: Dogue de Bordeaux
Donna Deschambault

The Dogue de Bordeaux breed has had a tough time through history. These gentle giants have twice been brought to the brink of extinction at the hands of French Revolutionaries and Nazi soldiers - with only eight dogs left in the world after WWII. It’s been a struggle to rebuild the population of this breed, but Donna Deschambault is dedicated to the preservation and protection of this remarkable dog.

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Nova Scotia Duck Tollers
Episode 4: Nova Scotia Duck Tollers
Sue Kish

Dressed in camouflage, toting a rifle, surrounded by her champion Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, Sue Kish is not your typical breeder. She has a mission…one she believes most dog breeders have forsaken. She believes dogs are born to hunt, “I breed in order to maintain a dog’s natural instincts.”

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Episode 5: Poodles
Heather and Greg Pendragon

Breeders, Heather and Greg Pendragon, are passionate about their plethora of poodles. But their love affair with this canine began with just one - Greg’s poodle, named Uther Pendragon. When Greg and Heather married, it was bow-tie sporting Uther who walked Heather down the aisle and gave her away with a bark.  And with that – their breeding careers began.

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Afghan Hounds
Episode 6: Afghan Hounds
Dee Devins

Dee Devins has spent her whole adult life trying to change people’s perception of the Afghan and increase their popularity. So she’s recruited a young protégé, Dani, and is teaching her everything she knows.

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Border Collies
Episode 7: Border Collies
Kayl McCann

With her old and new crew of dogs, Kayl is hoping to speed through the obstacles and taste sweet victory once again at the World Championships.

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Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Episode 8: Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Mike MacBeth

Mike can’t afford any missteps as she expands the lines and pedigrees of this endangered purebred breed, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

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Olde English Bulldogges
Episode 9: Olde English Bulldogges
Jen & Erin Braybrook

Sisters, Jen and Erin, are young, new to breeding, but are also determined to inject fun into the dog world – when it comes to the Olde English Bulldogges, there’s also some good old fashioned sibling rivalry.

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Episode 10: Goldendoodles
Sherry Rupke

Sherry Rupke is queen of the dog hybrids with people from all over the planet on her waiting list for Goldendoodles, she's also the first breeder in the world to have produced a Bernedoodle, whose popularity is on an exponential rise.

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Episode 11: Bullmastiffs
Christy Shepler

Christy Shepler, a single mother of four children, will never, ever, stop trying to improve and showcase her prized Bullmastiffs.

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Central Asian Shepherds
Episode 12: Central Asian Shepherds
Jeannine De Palma
Jeannine has brought back one of the dogs from a previous litter in order to nurse him back to health. Will rehabilitating him, both physically and emotionally be enough to get him in the show ring? View Show
Service Dogs
Episode 13: Service Dogs
Mike McConnery

When top-tier military and police units across the globe are in search for a dog that will serve and protect, they go to Mike, who runs and elite breeding and tactical facility: Baden K9.

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