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I Didn't Do It

I DIDN'T DO IT is a 7 x 60 series that exposes the untold story, and the personal toll exacted, of wrongful convictions, one gut-wrenchig case at a time. For the first time, series television devotes itself to the dark side of a system that imprisons thousands of innocent people. I DIDN'T DO IT looks beyond the investigations to reveal the harrowing personal stories of wrongful convictions and long-awaited redemptions. They are stories of innocent people caught in a nightmare and who must, after their exoneration, try to pick up the shreds of their life after spending years in prison. And throughout each episode, the desperate search is on for the real perpetrator behind the crime.

Episode Guide
Chris Ochoa
Episode 1: Chris Ochoa

Two young men are wrongfully convicted of murdering a young mother. Their ordeal only ends as a result of the efforts of a tenacious young detective and the real killer’s confession. View Show
Ray Krone
Episode 2: Ray Krone

Ray Krone is sentenced to death when his crooked teeth are deemed to match bite marks on a murdered bartender ‘s breast. But new evidence suggests the real killer is still out there... View Show
Ronald Cotton
Episode 3: Ronald Cotton

Jennifer Thompson memorizes every physical detail of her attacker even as he viciously rapes her. But this star witness still manages to accuse the wrong man and send him on a nightmarish journey to prison. View Show
Clarence Elkins
Episode 4: Clarence Elkins

Clarence Elkins gets 55 years when his young niece identifies him as the man who assaulted her and murdered his mother-in-law. His only hope for release is to prove the man he’s locked up with is the real killer. View Show
Alton Logan
Episode 5: Alton Logan

Wrongly convicted for killing a security guard in a McDonalds, Alton Logan finds himself a pawn in a game between lawyers, gangsters, and corrupt cops. Even when everyone learns the truth, the system can’t set him free. View Show
Dewey Bozella
Episode 6: Dewey Bozella

Amateur boxer Dewey Bozella is sent to Sing Sing for an elderly woman’s murder. His struggle to prove his innocence continues over three decades, even after another man is convicted of eerily similar crimes. View Show
William Dillon
Episode 7: William Dillon

After a gay man is found murdered, eyewitnesses and tracker dogs condemn beach bum William Dillon. Unless he can prove that the killer’s bloody shirt is not his, he’s doomed to a life behind bars. View Show