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run run revolution™ is an uplifting and entertaining series following the transformation of a group of feisty 12 and 13 year olds who, like most of their contemporaries, are unfit and sedentary.  They are the faces of the next generation of Canadians, the first generation ever that is are expected to live a shorter lifespan than their parents.

Ten students from Pinecrest Public School in Ottawa are participating in a physical and psychological rehabilitation in an attempt to defy those statistics.  They’re spending three months training to participate in the youth section of the Boston Marathon.

Bruce Hubbard, their passionate and desperate Principal, must whip these kids into shape with the full support of  professional trainer, Daryl Devonish, a registered dietitian, Jennifer Sygo and the community at large. The children will run as a team in a sprint relay on the Saturday and as individuals in a 5km run on the Sunday of the Boston Marathon Weekend.

Pinecrest takes the term “school spirit” to a whole new level. These kids fight against the odds every day just to get to school and once there, they’re fiercely proud and protective of each other. The school straddles both affluent and lower income neighbourhoods. These are stories that are representative of communities and schools across the country.  The personal journey of each child will be inspiring, enthralling and heartfelt.


- Ottawa

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