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Andree - Hamilton Ontario

Sam -      Austin Texas

Enraged follows the dramatic and uncompromising stories of two families that are close to the breaking point because of the explosive anger of their loved ones. During this one-hour special, we enter the lives of a Andree, a Hamilton woman whose 12-year-old daughter and live-in partner “walk on eggshells” due to her unpredictable bouts of anger; and Sam, an Austin real estate agent whose fiery episodes have left his wife considering whether to start a new life without him. We follow their journey as they are given one last opportunity to change.

In Hamilton, Andree’s problem manifests itself early on as seemingly harmless mishaps—a traffic jam, a messy counter, unfinished laundry—threaten to send her into an uncontrollable rage, directed not only at family-members but also total strangers.

In Austin, Sam’s ire appears similarly misplaced, ignited by his sons’ commonplace requests to skip wrestling practice and safeguard a friend’s property as they move to a new house. Both families find themselves perched precipitously at the edge of disarray, leaving therapy as the last chance to resolve heightened tensions and restore the family dynamic.


Therapists used in this episode

In Hamilton, Ontario story
Jolae Fuller
The Centre for Health and Anger Resolution 
Burlington, Ontario

In Austin, Texas story 
Dr. Steven Stosny
Compassion Power 
Germantown, Maryland


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